RARA-AVIS: Charles Williams bio and biblio

Timothy S. Oliver (CSEM@zianet.com)
Mon, 31 May 1999 13:17:31 -0700 >From a 1990 Vintage Crime/Black Lizard paperback copy of The Hot
Spot (originally Hell Hath No Fury) by Charles Williams.

Charles Williams was born in Texas in 1909. After growing up in
Texas and New Mexico, he worked as
a merchant seaman and , during the Second World War, joined the
U.S. Navy.

His first Novel, Hill Girl, was published in 1950. In all he wrote
twenty-one novels, of which all but two
can be classified in the suspense genre. Fourteen of these books
were sold to the movies, including The
Hot Spot, which was released in 1990.

Mr. Williams died in 1975.

This source lists the following works:

Man on a Leash
And the Deep Blue Sea
The Wrong Venus
Dead Calm
The Long Saturday Night
Man on the Run
All the Way
Talk of the Town
Uncle Sagamore and His Girls
Girl Out Back
The Diamond Bikini
The Big Bite
Scorpion Reef
A Tough of Death
Go Home Stranger
Nothing in Her Way
River Girl
Big City Girl
Hill Girl
The Sailcloth Shroud

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