RARA-AVIS: Religious Cult Mysteries

J. Alec West (j@alecwest.com)
Mon, 31 May 1999 02:44:47 -0700 The "Skip Langdon" (New Orleans Police Detective) mystery series of
author, Julie Smith, is one of the definitive studies of religious cults
from a mystery viewpoint. In an interview with Smith (published in
Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine), she told me that her villian, the
Reverend Erroll Jacomine, was modeled after her real-life encounter with
Jim Jones (remember the mass-suicide in Guyana?). Her novel, "Crescent
City Kill," isn't her newest (currently available in paperback) but is
probably as good a place as any to start to find out more about the
Jacomine cult (and indirectly, about Jim Jones).

J. Alec West
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