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Mark Sullivan (
Thu, 27 May 1999 13:12:01 -0400 (EDT) Kevin wrote:

<<And here's a suggested topic:

Who are the hot writers who can take us into the next millenium, maybe
offer something new to the genre?>>

I think Jack O'Connell definitely falls into this category. His books
inhabit a world that are so hyper-real they verge on surreal. Few, if
any, of the characters continue from book to book, but there is a steady
progression, the city is really the character. And it is a quite
impressive construct, plus each book explores a specific subject area
about which O'Connell has obviously done extensive research. Box Nine
takes up language derivation and drugs; Wireless, radio, both legit and
pirate as well as collecting old Bakelite ones; Skin Palace, porn and
old movies, as well as old movie houses. Don't think this makes the
books dry treatises, though, you get involved with interesting
characters, a good storyline and that great mood that permeates

I thought O'Connell's vision was too unique to be much of an influence,
but New York Graphic by Adam Lloyd Baker has some similarities in its
take on the city of New York. While I enjoyed Graphic quite a bit, it's
not nearly as well-conceived as O'Connell, losing a bit of its focus
near the end.

I'm about to start O'Connell's latest, Word Made Flesh.


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