RARA-AVIS: The Name's The Same Part 2, Answers

Wed, 26 May 1999 12:15:41 EDT Here are the answers, or should that be questions...

$600 - Aarons as Edward Ronns, the same as Colin Wilson. "What is The Glass

$700 - William Ard same as tough British Maurice Procter (filmed with Stanley
Baker). "What is Hell Is A City?"

$800 - One of the last novels of Black Masker George Harmon Coxe and one of
the first of E Richard Johnson. "What is The Inside Man?"

$900 - Book name by Spillane and Hammond Innes, "What is Killer Mine?"

$1000 - Book name by Wade Miller and Colin Wilson, "What is The Killer?"

$1100 - Book name by Ed Mc Bain and Wade Miller, "What is Killer's Choice?"
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