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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:45:31 -0400 Anyway, another rock song from the hardboiled songbook: Tom Petty and the
Heartbreakers' SOMETHING BIG. A whole noir nightmare of big plans and
little hope and not being able to get a drink on a Sunday (OH! The
horror!). In 4:45. With guitars! And that snarl of Petty's is drop dead
perfect in the last verse. Petty managed to capture all the nastiness of a
Gold Medal paperback in a few lines. Yet some of today's writers can't seem
to get it right in 500 pages.

But I digress....

The personal lives and deaths of musicians who recorded jazz variations of
television crime show themes, and the like, are worthy of discussion, but
discussion of actual characters or storylines from the same TV shows are
forbidden? Explain me dat!

And here's a suggested topic:

Who are the hot writers who can take us into the next millenium, maybe
offer something new to the genre?

Kevin Burton Smith
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