Ned Fleming (
Wed, 19 May 1999 02:48:07 GMT wrote:

>A colleague and I are trying to develop a college honors course based upon
>hard boiled fiction, film noir, and, we hope, some forms of American painting
>and music.

Weird. Which university is this, how can this program be defunded, and
how can the monies be returned to the taxpayers? Could the two of you
together get this done?

>We think we have the first two areas covered, but we need some guidance
>concerning art and music. Are there any particular artists whose work seems
>to fit in with the hard boiled mode? Hopper comes to my mind, but I've not
>really looked into his works thoroughly. I'm guessing some forms of jazz also
>fit in. Doesn't Elroy do a lot with it?

With respect to a couple of recent hardboiled movies, the Coen brothers'
"Miller's Crossing" and "Fargo," Carter Burwell's soundtracks are
excellent. Burwell also did the soundtrack for "Barton Fink" and, I
think, "Blood Simple."

The "Miller's Crossing" soundtrack has a couple of 1920s-type jazz
numbers, as well as an ultimate anti-hardboiled, maudlin version of
"Danny Boy." The "Fargo" soundtrack is fantastic, a pinnacle of
soundtracks, which forms a kind of double helix with the movie itself --
with the one simultaneously feeding and being nourished by the other.

Also, Ken Millar (Ross Macdonald) was a jazz freak, but I can't recall
jazz working its way into his writing as an integral motif.

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