RARA-AVIS: The Jeopardy category is "The Name's the Same"

17 May 99 12:32:00 -0400
$100 (in imaginary money)
A Bond pastiche by John Gardner and the first novel by FLA crime
reporter Edna Buchanan.

An 97th Precinct novel by Ed McBain and a Shamus-award winning PI
novel by John Lutz.

A police novel set in an American college town by Hillary Waugh and a
police novel set in a British college town by Colin Dexter.

A film noir from the 50s featuring Charlton Heston and a novel
fictionalizing the post-Capone career of Eliot Ness by Max Allan

The American title of a spy novel by Ken Follett and a mystery novel
featuring an Irish Catholic priest by former *Black Masker* Thomas

Inspired by the "Double Your Title" thread.

Answers tomorrow. - Jim Doherty

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