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Enrique Bird (
Sat, 15 May 1999 22:33:04 -0400 Reed, friends,

I read the Gypsys book some 25 or so years ago and, unless my memory betrays
me, Roman Grey was dead at the end of the second.

As I do not have them on hand, will someone else please correct or confirm?

Enrique Bird

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> > I've just bought Smith's ROSE but haven't read it. If you like Smith I
> > highly recommend his "Inquisitor" series of paperback originals written
> > under the name of Simon Quinn. About a sort of James Bond for the
> Vatican
> > and hardboiled enough for a mention here. Smith also wrote a couple of
> > books in the Nick Carter series, but I don't have the titles at hand.
> And
> > the "Gypsy" series is pretty good, too.
> >
> > Bill Crider
> There are only two Gypsy books, are there not? GYPSY IN AMBER and CANTO
> FOR A GYPSY? These were fine stories. I've always wondered why Smith
> didn't write more about Roman Grey. He seems to be taken with Arkady
> Renko.
> The fourth Renko novel, HAVANA BAY, just showed up in the bookstores. It
> will be on my bookshelf soon.
> But I second Mari's opinion of ROSE, a noir historical is there can be
> such a thing (okay, Caleb Carr, perhaps), and maybe the best writing
> Smith has ever done. ROSE has shown up on remainder stacks at the local
> B&N, and I've bought several copies for gifts. I highly recommend the
> novel. You'll think twice about making disparaging comments about
> clogging.
> Best regards,
> ... Reed
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