RARA-AVIS: Author/Bookseller B.S.P. (blatant self-promotion)

J. Alec West (j@alecwest.com)
Fri, 14 May 1999 05:32:35 -0700 A couple of months ago, some of you may recall me mentioning a pet
project of mine. This project is now launched here:


There is also a link to that area from my Mystery Vault page:


In essence, I'm making an open invitation to all crime
fiction/nonfiction authors (or anthology editors) on this list to apply
for a small "free" page on my webspace. This page can include info
about their most recent in-print book and info about an upcoming book.
There will also be linkage given on each of these free pages to other
"free" pages I'll set up for independent booksellers of crime
fiction/nonfiction. And, if specific booksellers accept credit-card
purchases, their free pages will be enabled for secure-server-ordering.

So, there you have it. I'm hoping this "B.S.P. Page" project will
empower independent mystery booksellers and, at the same time, give
authors/editors on this list a well-deserved corner to crow in ... not
to mention a place where readers can go to check out current/upcoming
books by their personal favorites and, if they choose to, order those
books online from independent mystery booksellers.

And no, I'm not making a penny off this. It was simply a labor of
love. Just remember that B.S.P. requests will be handled on a
first-come first-served basis.

J. Alec
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