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Thu, 13 May 1999 22:19:08 -0400 (EDT) On 14 May 1999, Roger Dowdy wrote:

: Has anyone encountered what could be considered a hard-boiled
: biography of Frank?

I've read a number of them, and none would count. Nick Tosches' biography
of Dean Martin has been mentioned as a hardboiled bio, though, and I agree
with that. It's interesting, and explained Dino to me better than any
standard star bio. Adopting a hip, swinging attitude could easily be
fatal (especially in a faddish neo-cocktail culture) but Tosches goes a
different way and gets over that Dino just didn't care one damn bit.

I meant to make a list of hardboiled non-fiction that's been mentioned
here, but any titles are still sitting in my RARA-AVIS inbox, which has
about 700 messages in it I mean to go over and pick through. Perhaps

: I'm into our next reading _Whoreson_ now and am getting a bit bored.
: How did we get on this theme anyway?

I can't remember the details, but there was a fair bit of talk about them
a while back. Perhaps interest has waned. Get ready for _They Shoot
Horses_, though--that's some primo stuff.


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