Re: RARA-AVIS: Black Mask Boys
12 May 99 19:19:00 -0400
Anita recently asked:

"I know there are more, but who would they be?"

One I might add would be Thomas Walsh. Active in *BM* during roughly the
same period as Hammett, Chandler, etc., he was still regularly publishing in
the late '70s and early '80s. A former police reporter, he wrote early (and
excellent) examples of the police procedural before that particular genre
term had even been coined. Like a lot of pulp writers, he eventually
graduated to higher paying pulps, but unlike most pulp writers who made that
jump, he didn't change his style much. Still writing hard-edged stories
about tough but tender Irish cops in New York (and his ear for the cadences
of Irish-American speech was pitch-perfect), his major concession to the
slick market was adding romantic elements he was more likely to leave out of
his pulp work. He won the First Novel Edgar in for *Nightmare in
Manhattan*, one of my favorite cop novels, about a railroad detective on a
kidnapping case in Grand Central Station (it was filmed as *Union Station*
with the locale changed from NYC to Chicago). He won a second Edgar for
short story in the late '70s for "Chance After Chance" which appeared in
*EQMM*. Joseph T. Shaw, his *Black Mask* editor, included Walsh's *BM*
story "Best Man" in the anthology *The Hard-Boiled Omnibus*. - Jim Doherty

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