Ned Fleming (ned@cjnetworks.com)
Thu, 13 May 1999 01:43:41 GMT To whoever recommended _You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up_ (you
know who you are): I salute you.

This book is excellent. The first half is as fast-paced as a Race
Williams story; the second-half like a pre-Freud puzzler. Action and
reaction, not analytical paralysis. The 1980 introduction is [was]
invaluable to a [this] 1999 reader.

Who killed Sheila? Beats me, but Dick, Mamie, Gentner, or Sheila herself
are all believable as the actor. The bare fact that Dick would *insist*
that he did it -- and get laughed out of the building, literally -- is
passing alien to the modern reader. Highly entertaining and recommended.

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