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> But Dent call Sale "Sail" in those stories... Does anyone know if Sale's
> novels (I believe there are only a few) were ever reprinted? I vaguely
> recall reading one many years ago, but remember nothing about it, not
> even whether it was good or not.

I've been looking for _Not too narrow, not too deep_, his first novel
(1936), for quite a few years now, since I saw the 1940 adaptation
starring Clark Gable as a feverish messiah/escaping convict. His
second novel, _Is a ship burning?_ was published in 1937, at which time he
started to work in the movie industry : wrote more than 30 scripts,
directed about 10 in the '50s, and even composed a few scores.

Another of his books that made it to the silver screen is _The white
buffalo_ (1975), a Moby Dickish take on Wild Bill Hickock.

I've only read his _Lazarus #7_ (1942), and one short story (he's
credited with more than 350...). Lazarus is a fun read about Hollywood . I
notice he wrote other novels set in this setting (_Passing strange_, _The

"When you're slapped, you'll take and like it"
Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon,
from Hardboiled by P. Thompson & S. Usukawa.
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