Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: William Bogart/Pocket Money

Staffars Serier (
Tue, 11 May 1999 20:08:49 +0200 mt:

>But Dent call Sale "Sail" in those stories... Does anyone know if Sale's
>novels (I believe there are only a few) were ever reprinted? I vaguely
>recall reading one many years ago, but remember nothing about it, not
>even whether it was good or not.

There were about half a dozen volumes published in the late forties, early
fifties. Most of them were published twice, at that. "Not Too Narrow, Not
Too Deep" is the only one I know was reprinted later on. Not quite sure
that that one's hardboiled, though. (Didn't care for it, didn't keep it.)

I'm kinda wondering about "Sail", the one story I've read was from 1936,
and I thought that Sale was mainly active in the 40's? I'm not too sure
about this, you understand.

>At the same charity sale
>I also picked up a mint first edition of Caspary's _Laura_, which should
>qualify as noir or gothic or something...

Something. Definitely something!


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