Re: RARA-AVIS: William Bogart

Duane Spurlock (
Mon, 10 May 1999 19:43:35 -0400 >Keep the water boiling. I think we're talking about the author of '40s
>mystery novels Murder Man, Murder is Forgetful and Johnny Saxon.
>M-T wrote:
>> Duane:
>> <<Here's another writer I'm curious about that I'm hoping someone here
>> can fill in the blanks for: William Bogart.>>
>> Given the silence of the patrons here, Mr. Spurlock is awarded 100
>> hardboiled eggs for bringing up an obscure hardboiled writer that nobody
>> else knows about.
>> Regards,
>> mt
>> (Temporary Keeper of the Eggs)
Thank God the water's still boiling. What would I do with 100 boiled eggs?
...Not that I would reject the Academy's award for stumping the panel....
-- Duane

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