Sandra Hess (shess@sirius.com)
Sat, 08 May 1999 17:32:18 -0700 Bill wrote:

>So, has anyone aside from Sandra Hess (I think it was her) read _Pimp_?
Anyways, if anyone's got anything to say about it, let's hear it. How's the slang?
Anyone got the hairy eyeball when reading it on the bus?

I finally read a book on the list and find I was in a group of one. Did I like the
book? Sure. Did he tell his story well? The pace of the book rapidly escalated. He was
long on describing his desire and drive to become a pimp as well as what he learned
from his pimp predecessors. Then the book felt very rushed. A decade or so flies by
and he's out of the bizness. There's so much bravado in the book, so much posturing,
it's plain to see why pimping was an attractive thought for this guy. His use of slang
(often interspersed with polysyllabic high falluting words) is just more of the same
posturing. In the glossary they referred to the term "crack wise" as : usually applied
to an underword neophyte who pouts hip terminology to gain status. I think in much the
same way Slim uses much of the slang to prove his former pimp status, his street rank.
Much of the slang was no big deal, at times, though, it was more of a speedbump for me
(as were the gazillions of typos in the Holloway House version of the book I own).

I did gain some insight from reading this book. I learned more about what it must
often feel like to feel beat down before you've even begun. And how it makes you want
to beat down others. Like climbing to the top of a dung pile. You might have a view of
a better life but it still stinks where you're at.


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