RARA-AVIS: Re: William Bogart/Pocket Money

Thu, 6 May 1999 10:59:15 EDT William (G) Bogart, as well as ghosting Doc Savage for Lester Dent (like
Ryerson Johnson before him), wrote the following:

Singapore (1945, Century 37) a movie tie-in starring Ava Gardner
Murder Is Forgetful (1945, Prize Mystery Novel 20)
Murder Man (1950, Harlequin 57) (undated, Tech Mystery)
The Queen City Murder Case (1950, Harlequin 68)
Johnny Saxon (1951, Harlequin 114)

(Incidentally, HB writer Richard Sale was ghosting the Doc Savage adventure
The Mystic Mullah but Dent's comments on Sale's style made him quit, so Dent
finished it himself.)

The film Pocket Money (1972, dir Stuart Rosenberg, starring Paul Newman, Lee
Marvin) was based on the novel Jim Kane by J P S Brown, and was written for
the screen by Terrence Malick (dir of Badlands, Days Of Heaven, The Thin Red
Line). It seems to be about crooked cattlemen in the modern West.

- paul
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