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Mari Hall (
Sat, 01 May 1999 08:51:11 -0500 Virginia Rivas P鲥z wrote:
> I've been subscribed to this list just for two weeks or so, and I would like
> to know if there has alredy been a discussion about Martin Cruz Smith. I
> consider him to be one of the best authors I've read lately, specially his
> "Gorky Park" trilogy (fourth is coming soon, I believe), I think his Arkady
> Renko follows the path of many other hard-boiled P.I., and he has a really
> interesting and deep personality, always so close to depression! I would
> like to know which is the expert opinion of the members of the list about
> this writer,and would appreciate any kind of information you could give me
> about him, since I am very curious about certain aspects of his life, as I
> guess he must have spent lots of time in Russia to come to know the country
> and the people so amazingly well.
> Virginia

I always liked the Renko books best, but I thought "Rose" was the finest
of its kind. A one-off, but so interesting. He's just a good writer.

from Mari Hall
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