RARA-AVIS: Re: Hardboiled locked rooms - Coe

Geir Glosvik (gglosvik@newmedia.no)
Sat, 1 May 1999 00:27:23 +0200 >And Tucker Coe's MURDER AMONG CHILDREN (1967), featuring wall-building
>private eye Mitch Tobin is a hardboiled locked-room mystery. This is, I
>think, my favorite in the series, but all five books are worth tracking
>down. I think a British publisher reprinted them about ten years ago.

>Kevin Smith


Here's a nice little story about nice hardboiled aficionados.

I wanted the Coe books (thanks to you on rara-avis), and as they're all out
of print and not to be found in the used book stores here in Norway, the
only way was the web book sites. And they had one book each, and
postage&package is

So I put a post on rec.arts.mystery, asking for a tip where to
get these five books. The outcome was first a kind Englishman who had too
many books (his opinion), and thought good books should have a good home. He
sent me the first three books at no cost.

The second reply I got was from an American who sent me MURDER AMONG
CHILDREN along with a short story he has written - published in the EQMM
(very good - hardboiled). His name is Russell Atwood, a former EQMM editor
who has recently published his first novel called EAST OF A. I've ordered
it, but haven't got it yet. Any of
you read it?

Well - wasn't that a nice story? My conclusion: Hardboiled aficionados are
kind-hearted people. And the books about the guilt-ridden Mitch Tobin (I've
got the five of them by now), I'm sure I shall read again. As Westlake
now has revived Parker, maybe we could hope for a resurrection of Tobin as


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