Re[2]: RARA-AVIS: Hugh Holton
27 Apr 99 09:53:00 -0400
Re Charles Shafer's and Mari Hall's comments about Hugh Holton:
Charles Shafer wrote:
"I'm reading 'Violent Crimes,' by Hugh Holton, the retired black
Chicago cop."

Mari Hall tehn asked:
"Oh, is he retired?? He used to be Commander of the 3rd Precinct (the
one including the Museum of Science and Industry)."

He isn't retired yet (though he's thinking about it), but he's no
longer a Commander. Commander is an appointed, rather than civil
service, rank roughly equivalent to a deputy inspector in the NYPD or
a staff inspector in the Philadelphia PD. A couple of superintendants
(the title of a Chicago police chief) ago, he was rolled back to his
permanent civil service rank of lieutenant.

He is very active in the local MWA chapter, and is a very nice guy.
He was indirectly responsible for my moving to Chicago.

His books about high-ranking CPD detective Larry Cole are great.

By the way, in Chicago local stations are no longer called precincts.
They're called districts. - Jim Doherty

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