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blumenidiot (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 20:09:47 -0500 Dave,
I am not a professional writer nor an academic. When I was much younger I
read all of Hammett and Chandler, but I have read them only once. I think
they are very good and recognize their standing in the creation of the hard
boiled genre but there are others authors I like at least as well.

I used to read mainly sf and fantasy. started reading Parker in the '70's
because I also am from Boston. I think he was the main influence that
started me reading primarily hard boiled books. I have read his Chandler
homages and all of his Spenser books except for his last two. His books
became an ordeal for me to get through. He seems to have lost the idea of
what a hard boiled novel about a private investigator should be. It should
not be barely above something like Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James in
McMillan and Wife. The books have become overwhelmed by all the extraneous
matters about Susan, the dog, his cooking and such.
Mark Blumenthal

this list's startling hatred of Robert Parker... he is still
> one of the best authors and developers of characters out there... I'm
> curious... did the hatred stir when he finished poodle springs??? I
> understand that marlowe and chandler are like Gods, but come on cut the
> guy some slack..

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