RE: RARA-AVIS: Re: John D. MacDonald/Travis McGee

Jerry Buck (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 13:28:20 -0700 > I read them in sequence (the titles are usually printed in order,
> starting with Deep Blue Good-By, on the "other books by" page) and I'm
> glad I did. Nothing is "given away" in later books and MacDonald only
> once or twice even refers to anything that happened in a past volume.
> As a matter of fact, although McGee often mentions his last job, it's
> seldom if ever from a past book.

I've read--and have--them all. The Deep Blue Good-By is not the best, since
it apparently took MacDonald a while to get to know Travis McGee. Meyer
doesn't show up for a few books. I forget which one. But once MacDonald got
into it they just got better for a while. Nothing is given away, but if you
don't read them in order you might be baffled by some of the people who
wander in and out.

MacDonald had a degree in business or finance, and the books reflected his
knowledge. Someone complained they could do without McGee's expressing his
opinion on everything. Hell, that's half the fun.

Jerry Buck

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