McHale, Steve (SMcHale@filenet.com)
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 11:12:40 -0700 > Adventure House has
> reprinted all the Midnight stories (nine, I think) in one volume, _At the
> Stroke of Midnight_. It looked good, but I didn't get it, and of course
> now I think I should have. Anyone familiar with the Midnight stories, or
> other Butler stuff? He has a story in Goulart's _Hard-Boiled Dicks_, but
> I don't remember it.
I remember that Butler story from Goulart. It featured a cab driver
sleuth who I believe is Midnight. It was excellent.

Tell us more about Adventure House. I did a quick search on Amazon.
I can find the book but not search by publisher.

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