RARA-AVIS: lawrence block

Mark Sullivan (AnonymeInc@webtv.net)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:39:27 -0400 (EDT) This is an excerpt from Lawrence Block's latest e-mail newsletter:

There'll be a full snail-mail newsletter right around that time, too,
with a certain amount of stuff that doesn't fit in these e-mail updates.
The snail-mail newsletter goes out once or twice a year, and it's free.
If you've already received it, you'll keep getting future issues as long
as I have your current address. If you don't get it but would like to,
here's how:

(A) If you've received this update by e-mail, hit Reply and send me the
following message, along with your name and address: "I am on your
E-list and would like to be on your snail-list."

(B) If you're reading this on a web site, post this message to
LawBloc@aol.com: "I read your April update on line and would like to be
on your E and snail lists." And enclose your name and address.

7. Other things I've been meaning to mention: Avon had great success
with HIT MAN---five printings so far, and the book had a nice run on
several national bestseller lists. I never thought I'd be writing a
second book about Keller, but then I never thought I'd be writing the
fitrst book. He started out as the protagonist of one short story, and I
never expected to meet him again. Go know. I'm happy to say that a
sequel to HIT MAN is in the works, and ought to be out of the works in
time for publication sometime in 2000.


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