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Jerry Buck (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 08:49:25 -0700 > Saw a movie called WILD THINGS last night starring Matt Dillon.
> This one I have avoided because I didn't think it was any good --- shows
> what I think. The acting from some of the co-stars was thin but the story
was a
> twist and turner. Surprises all the way. Anyone see this flick?? Who
wrote the
> screenplay?
> John Weaver, editor Page One

I saw it, not knowing what to expect, and thought it had some wonderful
twists and surprises. I particularly liked the way it ended. You were left
saying, "Wait, that can't be." Then, among the closing credits came brief
scenes explaining how was indeed that way.

I also saw another hardboiled mystery, THE JUDAS KISS, which had some nice
surprises and a similar ending. The actual ending, as to who comes out on
top. But it wasn't nearly as well done.

As to mysteries in Hawaii, a lot of television has been set there, from
HAWAII FIVE-0 to MAGNUM, P.I. There was also a real-life murder mystery
there, which I believe was pre-WWII and involved a naval officer. I seem to
recall at least one nonfiction book and a movie (perhaps a TV movie) about
it. Sterling Silliphant started a series set in the South Pacific-China Sea
area, but only one or two books were published before he died. Silliphant
also wrote the miniseries PEARL, but its only mystery was who would survive
the Japanese bombing. One of my favorite books, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, has a
hardboiled murder mystery wrapped within it, if you want to stretch it.

Jerry Buck

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