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Sat, 24 Apr 1999 23:15:59 -0800 Victoria:

<<(And, okay, I can understand the Nixon/Ellroy/hardboiled
connection--but don't I get brownie points for mentioning a Bogart film
originally? :) )>>

Instead of brownie points, we give hardboiled eggs here. You are awarded
three and a half of those for the Bogie mention. At the end of the year,
the top-scoring rara-avian receives The Hardboiled Egg, our most
prestigious award (a Lifetime Achievement Egg is in the works). One
peculiarity is that eggs can be lost as well as earned.


Mention of the pulps: + 50 eggs
Mention of a dead author that nobody else knows about: +100 eggs
Mention of Charles Willeford = + 25 eggs
Mention of Dorothy Sayers = -37.5 eggs
Mention of P*tr*c** C*rnw*ll = - 150 eggs
Praise for P*tr*c** C*rnw*ll = - 250 eggs
Question about when "Z is for Zud" will appear: - 375 eggs
Expression of fondness for Spenser's Susan: - 500 eggs



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