RARA-AVIS: The Night of the Hunter

Regina Ebner (g.ebner@online.edvg.co.at)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:54:14 +0200 I just read an interesting article by David Thomson in Sight & Sound on The
Night of the Hunter, where he makes comparisons between the film and the novel
by Davis Grubb. It also mentions that the book has been republished recently.
Judging from the few quotes and from Thomson's comments, it sounds as if it
could be hard-boiled. Has anyone read it? Is it worth reading? Any comments? Thanks!

Gina Ebner
Vienna, Austria

P.S. I have to say it, and not completely off-topic: Robert Mitchum is God.
Thanks. I feel better now. I've seen so many bad movies recently, I think I'll
have to re-watch Out of the Past.

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