Re: RARA-AVIS: God Is a Bullet

Ann Theis (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:45:06 -0700 Librarians usually don't rely on just one review source to make their
selections. I selected 9 copies for our library system, based on the
starred review in PW, prepub information, B&T and Ingram order information,
knowledge of our readers, website info and online posts, other reviews,
available $, etc. The selection process should involve a range of input. It
does seem the this book is not a middle of the road kinda book - you either
like it or you don't. I haven't read it yet, 'cause we had reserves on it
and our copies are in pretty constant circulation.

I compare and track reviews and am always amused at the number of books that
get a starred review (often assigned in an arbitrary process anyhow) or a
glowing review in one review source and get trashed in another.

I'm not picking on LJ, but I *was* amused to see that they just (4/15/99)
reviewed Point of Origin as the 7/99 release by Patricia Cornwell. It will
be released in paper in 8/99 and Black Notice will be released in hardcover
in 7/99. Not that I'm waiting for any reviews to order Black Notice or the
new Thomas Harris . . . it won't matter to my library users if both get
trashed in reviews.

Ann, Overbooked:

> Librarians relying on LJ for their purchases are unlikely to buy after
> this.

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