RARA-AVIS: lurking question

e j m duggan (ejmd@cwcom.net)
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 09:40:56 +0000 On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Jason M Boog <jboog@umich.edu> wrote:

> 1- hardboiled dreams

There are some in Hammett: try _Red Harvest_ for a start. There are a
couple of others, I think, though I can't trawl them up from the depths
of my grey stuff without another injection of industrial strength

See also the imminent _LA Requiem_ by Robert Crais.

The protagonist of Chester Himes _If He Hollers Let Him Go_ is also
prone to dream.

> 2- hardboiled narrators -

The Continental Op


                 T H E   K O S O V O   C R I S I S
                It's time the UN sent in the Hutus

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