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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 22:09:01 -0800 Jason Boog:

<<2- hardboiled narrators - who writes the best narrators? Plots aside,
character's aside, what are your favorite first-person narrator's? So
much, sometimes I think everything, depends on the narrator.
I really like what Jim Thompson and Chandler did with their narrators,
but I'm sure you have many more ideas than I do.>>

One that comes to mind is Ed, in Fredric Brown's _The Fabulous
Clipjoint_. Brown conjures up perfectly the voice of a young and
relatively inexperienced man who is trying to solve his father's murder.

Another is John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee in the best novels of the
series (I am rereading _Pale Gray for Guilt_, a good one). The narrative
voice is so good that I can forgive the opinions on everything that
McGee provides so liberally.

Another is Michael Collins's _Dan Fortune_, a character so perfectly
worked out that he seems to really be the author.

Another is Thomas B. Dewey's "Mac", a persuasive narrator whose
resilience and toughness are hidden under his compassion. He is a solid
professional who can be trusted to do something but who doesn't pretend
to know everything.

Lastly, Charles Willeford's Hoke Mosely is a character so interesting
and unpredictable that the plot matters much less than simply watching
him say and do things. He even loses his false teeth.


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