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Peter Walker (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 21:08:24 +0000 > Peter Walker wrote:
> > A review book for Crimetime?
> Yup :-)
> > In which case why do you get all the
> > good ones and I get all the crap?
> Ummm... It must be because Barry F. said 'should I send you all the good
> stuff and give PW the crap?' and I said 'OK' ;-)
Thanks for that, you git. Actually I enjoyed the Crais (which i've
reviewed for Tangled Web) but got something called "The Return" for
Crimetime which included the following sentence:
"He'd never before changed his features in front of his victims,
facially transmogrifying into the person he'd been when they'd caused
him harm. He did it now, in front of the mirror, sniggering in was horrifying. Staggeringly, numbingly
Boy, oh, boy did i facially transgrify when i read that!
The other one I got was called "Darkness Peering" which, for a first
book, is pretty good. By Alice Blanchard and I'm enjoying it.
Also, related to this subject (weren't you told off about that?)
> *** Protect and Destroy ***
> Bill and Tony's Big Adventure
> N O W S H O W I N G I N E A S T E R N E U R O P E
> "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta bomb the foreigners"
...check out a No Exit book called "Lie in the Dark" by Dan
Feesperman (due out in July) based in Sarajevo. Very good indeed and,
depite the fear this list has of politics, makes the point that crime
books can deal with serious political issues..........I know you'll
agree Ed Man. Of course, there is absolutely nothing political about
all these books we discus, now is there?
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