RARA-AVIS: Cookies? Moi?

J. Alec West (j@alecwest.com)
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 02:10:15 -0700 Mari Hall wrote:

> When I use the search engine on JAlec's webpage for DorothyL, and every
> once in a while when I search on my UK Health Centre board, I get one.

I suppose I _could_ code a cookie-maker for the search engine on my
website but I've never done it. However, to make certain my host wasn't
doing something I didn't know of, I performed an experiment. First, I
DOS-deleted my entire COOKIES.TXT file (I'm using Communicator 4.51
w/Windows 95). And, it's set up to accept "all" cookies. Then, I
visited my site and ran searches on all individual lists AND the global
search as well. And then, I went back to DOS and checked the profile
directory ... and nary a cookie was there to be found. Also, it can't
be that my server "recognizes" me (especially after deleting
"cookies.txt"). My domain server is hosted by Hosting Masters (New
Jersey) ... and my e-conduit to the net is EarthLink. The defendent
enters a plea of NOT GUILTY.

BTW, Mari is referring to my website called "The Mystery Vault" located


I archive a few mystery-related e-lists and e-newsletters there. And
further down the page is a utility I called SEARCH-ME ... allowing
keyword searches of each list/newsletter individually or all archives
globally. If anyone else visits that page and finds they've been zapped
with a cookie, let me know ASAP (and when it happened). I'll contact my
hosting service to make certain there's no funny business afoot.

J. Alec West
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