Re:RARA-AVIS:Need some help

Geir Glosvik (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 00:00:34 +0200 >Geir Glosvik asks about some really obscure guys

>-- Fr. John Woolley

And I got some really useful answers - thanks a lot to you. I've got Hubin's
"Comprehensive Bibliography", but you provided a lot of information from
other ref. books of Hubin's that's not to be found in the CB. I find that
puzzling. I mean - what does "comprehensive" mean? You also refer to
WorldCat which I am not acquainted with. Is it on the net?
Someone (I don't remember who) noticed that my questions were related to
authors from A to D, and that I probably had more questions about obscure
pulp authors. Yes, I have (Peter Flynn and Stuart Friedman?). But if someone
could guide me to the right reference sources on the net, I (hopefully)
wouldn't have to bother you guys with these insignificant pulp writers from
long ago.


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