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Diane Trap (trap@mail.libs.uga.edu)
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 18:45:35 -0400 (EDT) My apologies if this is old news to everyone but me--
the Spring 1998 issue of The Black Scholar focussed on Black
Detective Fiction, with special attention to Chester Himes.
Himes's first short story, written in prison, is reprinted.

Table of contents follows.

-----Diane Trap

JOURNAL: The Black scholar.

DATE: 1998 | Volume 28 | Number 1


pp. 3 | The Friends of Chester Hines: Our Story. | Faulkner, Janette

pp. 5 | Chester Hines' Last Visit Home. | Reed, Ishmael

pp. 10 | His Last Day. | Himes, Chester

pp. 21 | Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones: Violence and Humor
in the Mystery Novels of Chester Himes. | Turner, Jimmie Richard

pp. 23 | From Talma Gordon to Theresa Galloway: Images of African
American Women in Mysteries. | Turner, Patricia A.

pp. 27 | The Cool, the Square and the Tough: The Archetypes of Black
Male Characters in Mystery and Crime Novels. | Phillips, Gary

pp. 33 | Detectives, Dubious Dudes, Spies and Suspense in African
American Fiction for Children and Young Adults. | Muse,

pp. 40 | Thoughts of a Black Mystery Writer. | Smith-Levin, Judith

pp. 43 | Radicalism and Resistance: The Evolution of Black Radical
Thought. | Boyd, Herb

pp. 54 | The Black Radical Congress: Revitalizing the Black Freedom
Movement. | Marable, Manning

pp. 71 | A Black Freedom Agenda for the Twenty-First Century.

pp. 75 | Review Essay: The Fictive Realism of John Edgar Wideman. |
Abu-Jamal, Mumia

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