RARA-AVIS: Publishers, writer-dropping publishers

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 01:55:35 EDT I'm a little behind on this thread, but I'd be interested in seeing if we can
judge any publisher to be reliable in the provision of new hard-boiled. Who
is publishing it? I feel like I rarely see books on the shelf from
Kensington, for instance (don't they publish lots of romances?). How many
small houses are publishing the genre? It also seems that some of the big
houses take risks with some hard-boiled and publish/market it as beyond genre
(e.g., Knopf with "God is a Bullet," or perhaps Pantheon with "Miami
Purity"). Finally, can someone speak to the current status of the paperback
original. I keep thinking that somewhere out there are some great,
ambitious, experimental books that end up sneaking in as PBOs, but maybe
that's just my fantasy.

Doug Levin
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