RARA-AVIS: Critics again

Bill Crider (abc@wt.net)
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 10:08:20 -0400 <As for A.Boucher, I recently read he put down a lot
of good HB/Noir writers during his imperial career
(?); having not read his articles I will refrain to

I don't know who Anthony Boucher put down. I do know that when I was in
grad school I went to the library stacks, got down the bound copies of the
NYTBR, and read every Boucher column I could find. He was one of the first
reviewers (if not the first) to take paperback originals seriously. He was
practically the only (if not the only) reviewer in the 1950s to review
writers like Harry Whittington, John D. MacDonald, and others who wrote
almost exclusively for the paperback market. I'd read his columns, make a
list, and head for the used-book stores. I owe him a huge debt.

As for the two versions of KISS TOMORROW GOOD-BYE, they certainly exist. I
have copies of both the 1940s Signet paperback, which appears to be a
severely abridged version, and the hardcover edition.

Bill Crider

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