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Etienne Borgers (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 22:49:12 -0700 (PDT) ---pabergin <> wrote:
> I'm only speaking for m'self here, and can
understand why some folk don't
> like KISS. It's not an easy book. I think it's a
masterpiece because it can
> be read and enjoyed (if that's the right word for a
book that is
> claustrophobic, more than a little bent and
occasionally downright
> unpleasant) on more than one level.
> As a crime fiction period piece, it shows the
author to be easily the equal
> of such noir contemporaries as Cain and Woolrich.
> As a study in what I guess you'd call criminal
psychopathology, it is
> unmatched.


I agree with the valuation 'pabergin' gave about KISS
TOMORROW GOOD BYE by H McCoy, and about his analysis
of its qualities he gave.
When I saw the type of despising criticism addressed
to that book by at least two followers, I will
finally think like Bill Crider (?) that there are two
versions of that novel; I however could not find
traces to sustain this double publishing.
It's like if ' papergin', myself (and others in the
list, apparently)have read a different book than the
ones who despises it.
I could understand they do not like it. That's a
personal opinion. But on a literary ground, denying
any value to it is above my head...

And for the remark about James Cain : yes Mc Coy,
even if different, is at least as valuable as Cain in
the history of HB/Noir literature.
McCoy was for a long time totally underrated,
especially in the USA.
So this explains probably that...


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