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<< Jean points out something worth noting about reviewers: with so many books
being published, reviewers are in the position, often, of being able to
choose what they review, particularly if they work any of the "category
fiction" areas.


I'm not sure this is at all unusual. Most reviewers I have met pick their own
stuff. Every thriller that comes through the office of the book editor of the
St. Petersburg Times comes to me. I take a hard look at all of them and try
to read six a month to choose the three that will be in my monthly column. I
don't read anybody else's reviews before I make up my own mind. Now if there
is buzz about a book, I'm likely to hear some of it. And if there is a
reason, I will do a separate, stand-alone review. But it's my choice, so long
as the book editor agrees. Hence, my stand-alone review of GOD IS A BULLET.
The size of the advance, the controversial nature of the book, plus the fact
that it is, ostensibly, a work of first fiction, made it worthy of our note.

Jean Heller
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