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Sun, 04 Apr 1999 14:07:19 -0500 David Hale Smith wrote:

Would you rather see Gary go out of print altogether?
Well, I have to say that Gary would -not- "go out of print". He is an
excellent writer and somebody, maybe Poisoned Pen or Write Way or one of
the small houses would pick him up. They -love- him in England so maybe
an UK publisher would pick him up. Actually there is no maybe about this
scenerio, he will be published; he may not get the money that a Grisham
or Cornwall gets, but he will be published.

> Have a heart. In today's market, you take what you can get.
Actually you don't have to "you take what you can get". You just market
harder, or find a niche for an author. I think Gary is fine enough to
catch the eye of Mysterious Press (which is allegedly the top of the
line for Mystery, since Ross Thomas was reprinted by them). And another
point, maybe if these houses would quit buying these "reprints" they
would have more money to publish the good, living authors who keep

Publishers don't exactly line up to re-sign an author when he's been
dropped by another house.

Yes, but again, if he is good enough and people do know Gary and his
work, his being "dropped" would not matter.
> Violent Spring was optioned and then looked like it was set up to go at HBO with Lawrence Fishburne starring as Monk.

Now Fishburne I buy; Murphy, no way. Somehow, Gary's voice shows through
so much in these books, that I picture Monk as looking and sounding like
Gary himself.

But then that happens, I picture Sheriff Dan Rhodes as looking like Bill

from Mari Hall
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