RARA-AVIS: Gary Phillips/ film rights /Kensington

David Hale Smith (dhs@dhsliterary.com)
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 09:45:18 -0500 [SNIP] Mary Hall wrote:

>Yes, good news, but Kensington??? No way, sorry Gary. I'm boycotting
>them; I refuse to buy anyone's books who is published by them and for me
>to give up Troy Soos Mickey Rawlings books is a sacrifice.


Have a heart. In today's market, you take what you can get. Publishers
don't exactly line up to re-sign an author when he's been dropped by another
house. Would you rather see Gary go out of print altogether? Kensington,
like every other publisher, makes more mistakes than they have hits, but
they make enough money on the hits to keep going. And they do publish some
good stuff, along with the trash.

[SNIP] Mark Sullivan wrote:
Do I remember correctly that one printing of Violent Spring came out
with "Soon to be a Major Motion Picture" on the cover? With Eddie
Murphy? Did anything ever come of that or was it just another lapsed


Violent Spring was optioned and then looked like it was set up to go at HBO
with Lawrence Fishburne starring as Monk. Then that didn't happen and the
rights reverted to Gary. So, yes, another lapsed option.


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