RARA-AVIS: A Footnote - Woolrich and Bardin

pabergin (pabergin@gte.net)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 21:32:46 -0500 Since I mentioned Woolrich in my last post, I thought maybe I'd ask for
opinion/confirmation re a feeling I've got. Does anyone else out there get
the feeling that CW is becoming the James Joyce of hardboiled/noir? By this
I mean that he is more discussed than read. I've been getting these vibes
for awhile now.

Also, as a newcomer to the list who is far too lazy to dig into the archives
I ask. Has there ever been a discussion here of the work of John Franklin
Bardin? I had some problems with BLUE TAIL FLY, but think that THE DEADLY
PERCHERON is wonderful.

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