RARA-AVIS: Gary Phillips

David Hale Smith (dhs@dhsliterary.com)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 14:07:13 -0600 As many of you may know, Berkley, in their infinite wisdom, brought Gary
Phillips' last Monk book (BAD NIGHT IS FALLING) out in hardcover and them
promptly cancelled his contract without even a plan to reissue BAD NIGHT in
paper. So, brother Monk was thus orphaned. We haven't found a house yet
willing to pick up BAD NIGHT for paper, but we're still trying.

But on the good news front, Write Way has picked up the fourth Monk book for
hardcover publication in 2000. Plus, I just sold a new crime series of
Gary's to Kensington. You can also look for Gary's new novel, THE JOOK, a
"novel of greed, the gridiron, and waste removal" coming soon in hardcover.

Thanks for asking.


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