Jerry Buck (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 10:01:57 -0800 > Bravo to John Lau for pointing out Stephen Hunter again. Hunter is one of
> my very, very favorites. A master of expertly-crafted,
> testosterone-laden, hardcore suspense. I have a friend who reviews
thrillers for the Dallas
> Morning News, who wrote "with TIME TO HUNT, Stephen Hunter has completed
> thrillerdom's equivalent to FROM HERE TO ETERNITY." Look for
> that blurb on paperback racks near you this summer.

Gotta agree with David Smith. Stephen Hunter is terrific.

> After a number of years -- too many, say his numerous fans -- John D.
> MacDonald's last masterpiece, the incandescent _CMYK_ will finally see
> the light. In typical noir fashion, the manuscript, long-rumored to
> exist, turned up among John D.'s archived tax returns.

If this is true, I will look forward to it. MacDonald was without peer.

Jerry Buck

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