Re: RARA-AVIS: Top 25 Popcorn Special

MT (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:33:17 -0500 The more I look at this list, the less convincing I find it. Note that
the following are missing:

Raoul Whitfield (Green Ice)
Jonathan Latimer (Solomon's Vineyard)
Fredric Brown (The Lenient Best - for example)
Howard Browne (The Taste of Ashes)
Thomas Dewey (tough to pick one)
Malcolm Braly (On the Yard)
William Campbell Gault (Death Out of Focus, for example)
David Goodis (Cassidy's Girl)
Charles Williams (Scorpion Reef - for example)
Chester Himes (tough to pick one)
Patricia Highsmith (tough to pick one)
E. Richard Johnson (Mongo's Back in Town - for example)
James Sallis (The Long-Legged Fly)
Joe Gores (tough to pick one)
K.C. Constantine (Joey's Case - for example)
Donald Westlake (tough to pick one)
Elmore Leonard (Freaky Deaky - for example)
Arthur Lyons (Castles Burning - for example)
Walter Mosley (A Little Yellow Dog)
Harold Adams (tough to pick one)
Andrew Bergman (The Big Kiss-Off of 1944)
Max Allan Collins (tough to pick one)
Bill Pronzini (tough to pick one)
Kent Harrington (Dark Ride)
Kent Anderson (Night Dogs)
T. Jefferson Parker (The Triggerman's Dance)
Jon Jackson (The Blind Pig - for example)
Leigh Brackett (The Tiger Among Us)

and I could go on and on.

I bet everyone is already sick of this game. How about the Top 50
Hardboiled Mysteries in which Nobody Dies?


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