RARA-AVIS: Murder Ink's Top 25 HB Mysteries

Joe Hoffman (ljhoffman@worldnet.att.net)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 19:55:13 -0500 Sorry guys. The list follows in alphabetical order.

When The Sacred Ginmill Closes/Lawrence Block
Black Cherry Blues/James Lee Burke
The Postman Always Rings Twice/James Cain
The Big Sleep/Raymond Chandler
The Black Echo/Michael Connely
Postmortem/Patricia Cornwell
The Last Good Kiss/James Crumley
The Black Dahlia/James Ellroy
The Maltese Falcon/Dashiell Hammett
The Red Dragon/Thomas Harris
Darkness, Take My Hand/Dennnis Lehane
The Deep Blue Good-By/John D. MacDonald
The Chill/Ross Macdonald
Ice/Ed McBain
Nick's Trip/George Pelecanos
Killing Orders/Sarah Paretsky
Mortal Stakes/Robert B. Parker
Butcher's Boy/Thomas Perry
The Killer Inside Me/Jim Thompson
Miami Blues/Charles Willeford

I know their list says 25, but they only listed 20 on the HB list. If anyone
wants the top 25 (really 22) tradiitional mysteries list, let me know I'll
send that tomorrow.

Anita Hoffman

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