RARA-AVIS: God is a Bullet Release.

Fred Willard (fwillard@bellsouth.net)
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 21:09:03 -0500 A few months ago I wrote on the list about a great manuscript I had read
for comment. It's has now been released.

The books is _God is a Bullet_ by Boston Teran.

I don't have any connection with Teran, his publisher, agent, his dog or
anything else, so this post is primarily a service to people on the list.
(Although, I gave the book a rave response, turned Bill Diehl onto it, he
went crazy over it and started calling his friends, they called their
friends, and the buzz is still building.)

My suggestion is that you buy this book immediatly, read it, and be
prepared to have it knock you on your rear end, It's an outstanding hard
boiled read.

Trust me on this. It's an incredible novel and has the best hard boiled
female character I've ever read. Teran writes with a blow torch.

Fred Willard

Down on Ponce a novel by Fred Willard
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