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> Can anyone enlighten me if my information is incorrect or not.

PB has already given you the lowdown on Daly; he was among the earliest,
but may not be the most accomplished stylist ;-)

Keep an eye out for William F. Nolan's _The Black Mask Boys_ (Morrow:
NY, 1985). You can probably pick up a second-hand copy (hb, 1st ed, dj)
from an online book dealer for anywhere between $10-20.

In it you'll find an introductory essay by Nolan, a brief piece on each
of the eight writers featured, and a story by each of the following:

Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Erle Stanley Gardner, Horace McCoy,
Carroll John Daly, Frederick Nebel, Raoul Whitfield and Paul Cain.

The Daly story, btw, is 'Three Gun Terry'.


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