RARA-AVIS: In search of clues

Tue, 23 Mar 1999 09:07:45 EST Digging thru a thrift shop for paperbacks recently, I came across an early
70's book by a black writer B.B. Johnson. The book, Blues For a Black Sister,
is #6 in the 'Superspade' series of Troubleshooter, Richard Spade. The 1971
copyright and a list of the others in this series are the only real info I
have on the Paperback Library edition with one exception. On the rear cover,
there is a box underneath excerpts from the book that reads: "B.B. Johnson" is
the pseudonym for one of Hollywood's most talented and creative black

Anyone familiar with this "tough novel" by B.B. Johnson, or this paperback
series ala Shaft? And, the true identity of B.B. Johnson?

I appreciate any insight!

JJ Rassler
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