RARA-AVIS: Holy Shit!!!(was "At last good news!)

Peter Walker (pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 19:11:10 +0000 Kev 'The Man' Smith wrote something for the weekend:
> Watch your local bookstore for my forthcoming bestsellers:
> Hamlet
> The Joy of Sex
> The Joy of Cooking
> Monica's Story
> and one I'm sure will be a steady, if controversial seller,
> The Holy Bible.
> Why wait? Order now!
> (Okay, I apologize. But it's the weekend...)
...which struck a cord with me I can say because it's the weekend
here in Liverpool as well. The sun is shining and I'm indulging in
my favourite past-time: shooting the shit with a load of interesting
guys whilst drinking beer - in this case a case of Stella Artois at a
very reasonable knockdown price of 69 pence a bottle...anyway I was
moved by that reference to our Mon (and just what the hell are you
going on about Kev?) to share the following with you.............
Whilst in New York in October a "Time Out" special issue on Hot Sex,
had an extract about a raid on a brothel in NY in the late 19th century. The
reformer Anthony Comstock witnessed a woman "placing a cigar in the
rectum of one of the girls who had thrown her limbs and feet above her
head". Cigars obviously play a key role inAmerican history.
Just goes to show, though, that our Mon was following a great
American tradition...
Just what is this list for, anyway?
Incidently *I* posted the info about Carter/Crimetime sometime last
year (aboy Oct). check the digest. I even offered to copy it and
send it out to anyone interested....
And on a final not our Paul (aka Kershed@aol.com) has written a brill
artical on Brit Noir in the latest issue of Crimetime.
It proves beyond doubt that Brit Noir is where it's at. Not that
namby panby stuff you get in the US. Good one Paul!
Right, pass that Havana Special........

Simply the best of its kind.......
in fact the only one of its kind..
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