RARA-AVIS: af-am writers

michael david sharp (msharp@umich.edu)
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:34:21 -0500 (EST) Lion published a couple of lesser known Afr-Amer. crime fiction writers:
Curtis Lucas and Jay Thomas Caldwell. Caldwell, if I remember my Thompson
bio correctly, wrote one novel, *Me an' You*, about the boxing world, and
then died in a shoot-out of some sort. The blurb on the book reads: "A Two
Fisted Negro Challenges the White World." Afr-Am fiction often
raises interesting generic questions, bec. since most of it is
oppositional (that is, written in opposition to a white-controlled world),
much of it can be read as "crime fiction," incl. Richard Wright, Ralph
Ellison, and even Toni Morrison ("The Days" in *Song of Solomon* are
ruthless killers, but they kill in direct response to the failure of the
"law" to afford black people any protection from the violence of


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